2 thoughts on “David Lee Steel resized 450”

  1. Mario Valdes

    Dear Ms. Powers,

    Exploring some of the issues on race that you have been writing about on this blog, I am much obliged to you for it.

    Wondered if you had any idea as to the discrepany between this NPG image of Sir Scudamore and the one you posted which I only just realized is from a Christies catalogue.


    In exchange, would like to provide you with the death announcement of Mary Caillard Ford:

    “Last week died at Clifton near Bristol, after a lingering illness, the Lady of Gilbert Ford of the Middle-Temple, Esq.”

    London Evening Post (London, England), May 7, 1754 – May 9, 1754

    Since he was also described as “of the Middle-Temple” in the press on his appointment to the post of Jamaican Chief Justice, I’m certain that this is one and the same Gilbert Ford.

    Thanks again,

    Mario Valdes

  2. Anne Powers Post Author

    Dear Mario,

    Many thanks for the information about Mary Caillard Ford which is very helpful.

    As for the photograph, another correspondent tells me he believes it to be “from a group of very early photographs taken by a Surgeon on the Bengal Medical Establishment of the Bengal army, named John MacCosh. The collection is in the National Army Museum. They have a keen photographic department, and the MacCosh collection is one of their most significant”.

    I have not had time yet to follow this up. Any discrepancy between the pictures I put down to the difference in age at the time, but of course it is possible it was mis-identified.

    kind regards,

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