Family Trees Index

This page provides links to various family trees for Jamaican colonists from the British invasion in 1655 to the end of the eighteenth century and beyond.

Intermarriage between the colonist families was fundamental in maintaining the tight social and commercial core of the white Plantocracy. The very high mortality that plagued colonists and slaves alike meant that there were frequent second and even third marriages, the median length of settler marriages was a shockingly short six years and four months. Those women who survived long enough to have a large number of children often saw most of them die in infancy or before they were old enough to be sent back to England for the sake of the health. Mixed race children fathered by white colonists are also represented here although details of both parents are not always available.

The family trees have been compiled from data held in Family Tree Maker and on and uploaded from GEDCOM files using the RootsPersona plugin for WordPress. It is not currently possible to load only preferred facts which explains why sometimes two versions of, say, a date of birth are given, having been derived from different sources.

Anne M Powers
August 2015