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Time for an Update!



It seems amazing to think that already four years have passed since I set up this website with the help of the lovely Alex Barrett of Wick IT Services.

In that time I have written over a hundred posts, transcribed more than fifty Wills, uploaded various documents and images relating to Jamaica and maintained a database of over 7000 individuals with historic connections to eighteenth century Jamaica.

Meanwhile technology has moved on and since so many people now access the internet through their phones and tablets it is time for a makeover.

The fundamentals of the site are unchanged but the redesign makes it easier for those using the newer technology. I have also taken the opportunity to make the archive of old posts easier to look through and you will now find that on the right hand side of your screen.

The most major change relates to the family trees which previously were difficult to upload and keep updated. Using some different technology (the Rootspersona plugin) I have now created a number of new family trees taken from my main database and they are presented in what I hope you will agree is a much easier to read format with the information arranged in tabs. Those who have access to Ancestry can still find my main database called Jamaican Connections there. One difference however is that on Ancestry my rough notes are not made visible whereas I have taken the decision to include them here.

As with all genealogical research the work is never done, so it always comes with the caveat that where the information matters to you please double check my research against original sources wherever possible. And of course I am always happy to receive updates and corrections.

I hope you like the redesign and find the site easy to use however you access it.

Image courtesy of cliparts.