Dehany – Goodin and a plea for help


Firstly let me thank Pamela Miller both for getting in touch and for providing a lot of new information about the Dehany and Goodin families, and for letting me post it here for the benefit of other researchers.

Pamela also has a plea for help in return –Does anyone know the whereabouts, or have a copy of, the Will of George Goodin who died in 1739 ?

Pamela was contacted by someone wanting help which led her back to this website and to query my information which shows David Dehany having married Mary Gregory, information which I know also appears elsewhere.

On the contrary Pamela believes David’s wife was Mary Goodin, the daughter of George Goodin – not Mary Gregory.    George Goodin’s will was challenged by his granddaughter, ”Mrs. Thomas Hall.”  In my records, David and Mary (Gregory) Dehany’s daughter Mary married Thomas Hall.  Pamela’s research by contrast points to Mary Gregory as the wife of George Dehany, the son of David Dehany and Mary Goodin.

She writes, ”I was able to view the microfilm of the original document and took these notes:

Barnett-Hall Collection, MSS 220,

Mandeville Special Collections Library, UCSD

Box 3 Folder 28 (microfilm)

1763, Case

[Written on the outside/pm]

Geo. Goodwin’s [sic/pm] will. His granddaughter “Molly” Mrs. Thos. Hall For Mr. Amblers Opinion


George Goodin [sic/pm] late of the Island of Jamaica, Esq.r deced was in his Lifetime seized and possessed of a very considerable Real and Property….[made his lawful will…”giving several Legacies” not listed/pm]

He gives and Disposes of the Rest and Residue of his Estate in the following words:

“Item all the rest reside and remainder of my Estate both Real Personal or [mixed?] of what Kind or Nature soever and not herein before disposed of I Give, Devise and Bequeath unto Fife Elletson one of the Sons of my Daughter Sarah Elletson at his Arrival to the Age of Twenty one Years or Day of marriage….[if he dies with no heirs] then I Give the same and every Part thereof to my Daughter Sarah Elletson during her Widowhood. And from and immediately after her Marriage or Death then I Give Devise and Bequeath the same and every Part thereof between my Daughter Mary Dehany’s surviving children To hold to them their Heirs and assigns for ever Part and Share alike.”

[Notes continued/pm]

George Goodin died soon after the making his will.

Fife Elletson died before he arrived his Age of 21 years and without issue.

Sarah Elletson is still living. [1763/pm]

Mrs. Dehany at the Death of Mr. Goodin had the foll.g children

George Dehany…..Living

David Dehany…..Since dead having made his will whereby he devises all his Reversion or Shar which he had or might have in George Goodins the Testators Bequest to his wife Dorothy.

Mary…….The wife of Thos. Hall Esq. Since dead leaving issue

Phillip Dehany……now living

Ann…..The wife of James Herr, Esq. now living.

Goodin Dehany…..Dead — Intestate and without issue.

After the Death of Mr. Goodin ___ Mrs. Dehany had another Son named Hugh who died a Minor and Intestate and without issue.

[The remainder is the merits of the case and decision of Mr. Ambler, 28 Nov. 1763/pm]

The children named as Mary Goodin Dehany’s children in this “Challange” match the names of David Dehany’s children in his 1754 will.

Pamela also wants to highlight that the Barnett Hall collection is now available on-line.

Pamela has documented Mary Goodin in her Cavalier Family Tree which she stresses (as I always do too!) is a work in progress. I sometimes think the genealogist’s work is never done!

Here is back story that Pamela also sent me:

I have researched my ancestors, William Ricketts and his wife Mary Goodwin of Canaan, Westmoreland, Jamaica, for more years than I care to admit to.

There has been much controversy over Mary’s last name….Goodwin or Goodin or Gooden or Gooding….are they variations of the same family name or distinct families?  [As you see in my transcription of the original document above, it seems to be intermingled.  I began researching before documents were commonly transcribed and know that names/words were commonly shortened within the text.  I believe Goodwin was shortened to Good’n in lengthy documents and later interpreted as Goodin…and possibly adopted by some family members….just my opinion.]

My 7-great grandfather, William Ricketts’ will of 1734 names his cousin George Goodin, Esq. of the Island of Jamaica as the executor of his estate there.  Many years ago, I found a transcription of the 1735 will of Col. John Cavalier which contained several names that I knew to be associated with the Ricketts/Goodwin family….including George Goodin.    I built a “Cavalier Family Tree” on in an attempt to sort out who was who and how were they related.  I was fortunate to find several wills that clearly explain relationships.  They are included in my tree….other information is from other members and may or may not be accurate….I am careful to cite my sources for others’ reference.

I found the George Goodin mentioned in Col. Cavalier’s will. Col. Cavalier’s niece, Mary Sharp married George Goodin (parents of Mary Goodin Dehany.) But I don’t know if he is the George Goodin mentioned in William Ricketts’ will….there is another George Robert Goodin whose will was written in 1799.  And there is the Major George Robert Goodin who is named as the brother of Judith Goodin who married Edward Barrett. [“The Family of the Barrett” by Jeannette Marks.]

More information about the family comes from the Will of David Dehany, and Pamela has made some comments on this which are given after this abbreviated transcription.

David Dehany, of the parish of Hanover, Island of Jamaica, planter. Will dated 17 Aug. 1753. My son George Dehany, planter, £1000 currency. My son David D. £400 c. yearly. My dau. Mary Hall* £1500 c. My dau. Ann D, £4000 c, My son Goodin D. £100 c. yearly. My wife Mary3  slaves. My son Philip I give that estate joining on the E. side of Lucea Harbour with the estate called Barbican joining on the E. side of Masqueta Cove, with the works, negros, cattle and stock, also 2000 acres at Negercat in the parish of Westmoreland, now a pen, also the houses and stores at Savanna Lamar and Savanna Lamar Savanna, which I bought of Francis Blake as attorney to Richard Dunn Lawrence and of Margaret George, also two parcells of land in Hanover, the one joining on Sir Henry Morgan’s run now in the possession of Julian Beckford, Esq., the other joining on the E. side of Fatthogg quarter Harbour and that part of Sir Henry Morgan’s I possess called Shew. My sister Martha Corbett the 150 acres she lives on joining E. on William Bucknor and W. on Philip Anglin, deceased, for her life, then to go to George James, son to George & Mary James, deceased, and William Wren, son to James and Patian Wren. All residue to my son Philip, if he die without issue all the estate equally to my 3 sons and 2 daus.  My son Philip sole Executor.  My wife Mary,  Philip Haughton, Sr., of Hanover, John Reed and Thomas Hall of the parish of St. James, Esquires, Trustees and Overseers. Witnessed by Gn. Castelfranc, Peter Archibald Jameson, James Findlater. On 22 June 1754 was sworn P. A. Jameson before Charles Knowles. A true Copy. T. Hay, Secretary. Proved 25 Oct.1754 by Philip D. the son. (P.C.C., 271, Pinfold.)

Comment:  Jonathan Haughton (b. 1667, Barbados) is believed to have married Mary Dehany (Parents unknown.)  Jonathan and Mary had a son, Philip Haughton, (1700 to 1765) and a son Richard Haughton (1691 – 1740.)  Richard Haughton married Elizabeth Goodin (1700 – 1734) the daughter of George Goodin and Mary Sharpe.  (See Col. John Cavalier’s will)  Elizabeth Goodin was the sister of Mary Goodin (1702 – 1761) who married David Dehany.  Elizabeth Goodin and Richard Haughton’s daughter Mary Haughton married John Reid in 1734 per Archer.  Mary Dehany, Daughter of David Dehaney married Thomas Hall./pm

(/pm=Pamela Miller)

Once again, many thanks to Pamela for sharing all her hard work.

6 thoughts on “Dehany – Goodin and a plea for help”

  1. Lex

    That’s quite the amount of work, admirable! And the “I have researched my ancestors (…) for more years than I care to admit to” – we all know the feeling; but that’s a great quote 🙂

  2. Marie G.

    My grandfather was Samuel goodin born around 1910 in jamaica. He was known to travel to curacao. His mother was Isabel. He named his daughters Isabel and Nidia.

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